Wednesday, 7 January 2009

What a time to start a cricket blog!

Wow! 2009 has barely started and already English cricket is in turmoil. Throughout the '90s this kind of mess was reserved for the aftermath of (yet another) humiliating Ashes defeat. Not any more.

Nobody seems entirely sure what exactly is going on, but we can only agree with Bob Willis when he says the whole thing is "a right mess". First it looked like KP had forced out Peter Moores, now it looks like both of them are on their way out. You have to think that Pietersen – for all his admirable qualities – has been a bit of an idiot about this one. The sensible thing to do would have been to have a quiet word with the powers that be and express his dissatisfaction. By whining to the press and issuing an ultimatum, he has rather shot himself in the foot.

There’s no way that the ECB could accept Pietersen's demands to have Moores sacked. It would be a pretty dangerous precedent to set. What if Flintoff then decided he didn’t like Ian Bell, and issued a similar "it's him or me, pal" ultimatum? Just because Bell's spot was under pressure anyway would not excuse such an action. And similarly, just because Moores may have been likely to get the chop anyway does not excuse Pietersen's belligerence. If anything, that Moores has been under increasing pressure should have suggested that KP wait a bit: Moores would probably have gone in a few months anyway.

Well, it's all a bit of a disaster, and a sad end to what could have been an exciting period in English cricket. It ain't half entertaining though!

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