Thursday, 9 April 2009

Cricket Nets

If the weather turns out okay this weekend, I'm planning to have a bit of a net down at the Heath.

Last year I noticed a bit of a tendency to drive in the air, so the off-season has seen me remodel my back-lift in order to attempt to rectify this problem. I think it will enable me to keep my front elbow high through the shot, thereby ensuring that the ball stays along the ground.

In addition, I’ve also made a couple of minor alterations to my bowling action: I’ve slightly shortened my approach to the crease and decided to lower my bowling arm a fraction in order to get more break from leg to off.

That’s the theory anyway – soon I'll put it into practice. I’ve got a feeling that this season might be a good one for yours truly. I need to really cement my place as Hyde Heath’s leading leg-spinning all-rounder under 25. So in concrete terms: at least one half-century, a five-wicket haul, and less than three dropped catches. Moderate, but attainable.

Anyone in the slightest bit interested in this? I thought not.


  1. And if you start the season well, you could be challenging for the England number 3 slot..

  2. PS Have you scored a 50 before?

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