Tuesday, 4 September 2012

HHCC vs Bank of England

I unfurl yet another devastating leave. This is what the crowds have come to see.
Image credit: Al Shirley.

After last year's blip it was back once again to winning ways against the Bank of England, without doubt one of the most fun fixtures of the year. This time it was not so much the fancy dress – although the Olympics drugs tester was an inspired call – but the cricket that got the crowds a-natter over a glorious bank holiday weekend.

Truth be told however, it's now over two weeks since the match in question and despite regular, increasingly urgent, reminders from Mrs Capper, I've been distinctly remiss in my duties. The result is that I can barely remember a thing, and therefore, in the style of cutting edge (exploitative, loss-making) media companies like the Guardian, Cricket Tragics are going down the route of crowdsourcing.

So, below is a list of the things that I can remember from the match. Those who were there (and even those who weren't) please feel free to add in your memories/fantasies/apocryphal anecdotes. Thanks awfully!

Those bullet points then:

1. The highlight of the match by some distance: Jez's devastating opening spell – devastating for us, that is. What was that, Jez? 8 wides in three overs? Richard Austin was crying with laughter at 1st slip. Apparently it had been a big night... The most amazing thing was that Charlie's decision to remove him from the attack was met not by the usual scowl of displeasure but a big grin from the bowler himself. Priceless.

2. Otherwise, we bowled tidily enough until two of the Bank's middle order took a liking to our change bowling and thrashed the total up to in the region of 190.

3. In what seems like a new strategy designed to minimise the percentage of the match report dedicated exclusively to my own (in)actions I wasn't called upon to bowl, and instead was asked to open the batting.

4. Instead of taking full advantage of a lack-lustre bowling attack, I slapped a full toss to mid-off for 9 to pave the way for a brilliant partnership between Shrimpy and Simon Chase, who put on something in the region of 150.

5. The highlight of which was Chasey's nonchalent dismantling of their off-spinner: lofted straight drive for four, deft reverse-sweep for two, fierce pull for four more. Have a blow mate. Thank you very much.

Chasey on the drive

(PS. This week's match – against Wroxbourne or something – is written up and ready to go. Don't want to spoil you though: will post tomorrow!)

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